About 2bU

Who We Are: The Story of 2bU

Founded by Hanspeter Feer, 2bU is a privately owned fashion brand based in Thailand. Since 2011, 2bU has created bright and stylish, high-performance golf apparel. From eye-catching single-tones to exotic patterns, our specially designed golf shirts will add a dash of spice to your wardrobe. Firm in our belief that you were born to stand out, our goal is to create bold and unique styles, no compromise on performance.

With hot climates in mind and a focus on quality above all else, we have worked tirelessly to produce a high-performance sports garment, incorporating Swiss HeiQ technology, to keep you cool and dry and protect from harmful UV rays.

In addition to 2bU’s stunning collection of original pieces, 2bU has provided made-to-order apparel lines for clients in Thailand and abroad. Today 2bU clothing and accessories can be found in a number of Pro-Shops at Golf courses in Thailand and around the world.

For more information on our custom apparel, please follow this link.